Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hiking Club in the Cottonwood Lakes Basin

On August 31, Hiking Club did a long looping dayhike in the Golden Trout Wilderness and Sequoia NP of the south Sierras.  The intent was to climb nearby 14,042' Mt Langley, but stormy weather prevented our foursome from summiting.  After making the decision to abort, a thunderstorm enveloped the area peaks and we descended back down into the basin. The weather did, however, offer great opportunities for photography.
One of the Cottonwood Lakes and Mt Langley
Cottonwood Lake #5 and Army Pass in the background
Atop Army Pass
Atop the plateau, hiking across to New Army Pass.  Mt Langley is behind at left, under storm clouds
Looking down New Army Pass at the South Fork Lakes
Looking north up the Owens Valley from Cottonwood Rd

John Muir Trail: Mono Creek to Devil's Postpile

This year's John Muir Trail segment brings my JMT mileage to 107 miles, about half of the trail.  Our threesome started at Rock Creek on August 13, connecting with the JMT via 12000' Mono Pass and finishing at Red's Meadow.  Day 1 included climbing 12800' Starr Mtn, adjacent to Mono Pass.
In six days we got no rain, no forest fire smoke, no mosquitoes, no bruin interlopers, and lots of scenic high mountain lakes.
NW view from the summit of Starr Mtn. The high peak at center is Red and White Peak
SE view from Starr Mtn, looking into Upper Rock Creek Lakes Basin
Day 3, on the trail ascending 11,000' Silver Pass

Group photo on Silver Pass. Those are the distant Ritter and Banner Peaks at far right
Virginia Lake