Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 25 with Hiking Club in Santa Anita Canyon

We started early, so it's cool and shady
Some of the weekend cabins in the canyon. These are all walk-in
50' Sturtevant Falls
A lot of flowers in bloom right now
Five miles in, at Sturtevant's Camp. When this enormous old tree fell in the camp a few years ago, they carved a bench from this one section, and counted 800 annular rings.
Periwinkle was brought in early by cabin builders, so it's everywhere in the canyon now. It keeps the poison oak down, and it's pretty, so it's okay.

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 10-13 Hiking Club in Death Valley

Hiking in Gower Gulch, Zabriskie Hills

In Natural Bridge Canyon (Mark Ammerman)

Group photo at Zabriskie Pt (Mark Ammerman)
The valley floor got a rain shower Friday night, dropping snow down to about 6500'. Here we are as we start up the fan to Redwall Canyon. (Mark Ammerman)
Climbing a big pouroff in Redwall Canyon
Everyone made it!

Redwall Canyon Narrows #1

A lot of gold poppies came out this year
Redwall Canyon narrows #2
Flowers were everywhere, many tiny and delicate like these (Tohru Ohnuki)