Sunday, February 15, 2015

On Mt Baden-Powell X36, this time in winter

This is the earliest I've ever climbed 9400' Mt B-P, but since weather is in the 80s lately, I figured I had a shot on the snow. I found it to be not without risk but doable. I started about 1:00pm to ensure the snow was softened up. I saw a few others coming down as I went up, and I finished before sunset. I've heard it said that the ocean can be seen from the summit but I'd never seen it, but here again, in winter when the air is dry and clear, the low afternoon sun sets up a shine off the water that highlights the ocean very well.
I could identify the Channel Islands, including Santa Barbara Island 95 miles southwest, and 11,000' Telescope Peak in Death Valley NP and 12,000' Olancha Peak in the south Sierra, both about 130 miles north.

The summit register box, and ocean shine

Catalina Island at left, and tiny Santa Barbara Island right of center

Across to 10,000' Mt Baldy

Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13: Poppies

Due to the recent rains, the grass is a foot high in places, and poppies are blooming in the hills outside of town.