Sunday, July 13, 2014

John Muir Trail 2014: Mono Creek to Piute Creek

Sierra Tiger Lilies

This year's hike was 56 miles, 7 days, my longest pack trip to date.  We're now working on the more remote segments of the JMT, where the trail is two days' hike in to access. From the eastern side of the Sierra near Crowley Lake our group of five hiked over 12000' Mono Pass on Day 1, connected to the JMT on Day 2, hiked over Selden Pass on Day 4, made a stop at Muir Trail Ranch and Blayney Hot Springs on Day 5, and Days 6 and 7 were spent hiking back over Piute Pass to the eastern side again.
Starting out in Rock Creek Basin (Photo by Tohru Ohnuki)
               Hiking over Mono Pass with heavy packs
Camp lights add cheer to our campsites
Day 2: 1930's Basque sheepherder arborglyphs at Laurel Creek
Camp 2 on Mono Creek (Photo by Tohru Ohnuki)
Night sky (Photo by Tohru Ohnuki)
Day 4: Lunch at Marie Lakes after leaving behind the clouds of mosquitoes in Bear Creek
Ascending Selden Pass (Photo by Mark Ammerman)
On Selden Pass (Photo by Tohru Ohnuki)
Camp 4 was at the Sally Keyes Lakes
Along the way (Photo by Mark Ammerman)

A lunch stop and resupply opportunity at the backcountry Muir Trail Ranch.
Day 6: Upper Piute Basin is vast

Day 7: Trip completion at North Lake