Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving in Death Valley

Thanksgiving week this year was in Death Valley with Nina, Mark and Jerri. Weather was perfect for this four-day trip.
Sunday in Mosaic Canyon, where gravity was weird
Monday we hiked into the narrows of Redwall Canyon
We climbed this pouroff
Hiking back as the sun sets behind the Cottonwood Mtns
Crescent moon
Tuesday we rented a Jeep and drove Titus Canyon
Along the way we climbed 6300' Thimble Pk
The summit offers an outstanding view of the valley. From here we could even see peaks of the High Sierra
Wednesday we hiked to Zabriskie Point
We looped back to the trailhead in Gower Gulch

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 8 in Nightmare Gulch

Sixteen of our Hiking Club members spent the day in the high desert north of Mojave, in Nightmare Gulch in Red Rock Canyon State Park. Having hiked in most of the weird places of the greater southwest, Nightmare Gulch might be the weirdest canyon I've yet seen. This was my fourth trip to this canyon.
Weird erosional forms
Runoff has created this weird 'downspout' feature in the wall
An old wall collapse debris pile, eroding away
Colorful walls
The only animal we saw all day

October 18: Ocean View from Boney Mountain

I took this shot from the summit of 3111' Boney Mountain in the western Santa Monicas. Boney Mountain is the highest peak in the range, and on clear days offers a view of the Channel Islands. Today I could count five of them.
This paraglider was circling the peak