Monday, May 22, 2017

May 1 at Kennedy Space Center

I had an extra day on a work trip to spend at KSC.  The main part of the museum has the 'rocket garden' and shuttle Atlantis. I took the bus tour out to see the big transporter, launch pads, and all the great stuff in the Saturn V building.
The 'rocket garden' included one of each of the 50's and 60's rockets

The SRB's and fuel tank are as big as they look

Shuttle Atlantis

The crawler. Top speed, 0.5 MPH. That is a full-sized Ford van to the left of the transporter
I touched a piece of moon rock!
A Saturn V

A rover that didn't take the trip. I noted that it was propped up, probably because on Earth it can't support its own weight
The Apollo 14 capsule.

Alan Shepherd's moon suit. It still has moon dust on it!

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PF said...

Hey, Alan Shepard, is that part of your moon suit, or are you just glad to see me?