Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 10: Cirque Peak Loop

I got in one final Sierras trip, to climb 12900' Cirque Peak at the head of the Cottonwood Lakes basin. I ascended cross country on the north face, up about a thousand feet of scree and boulderfield, before summiting and descending the southwest slope to the PCT and Chicken Spring Lake, returning through Cottonwood Pass. On the summit was a Meetup group who took my picture.
The entire loop is almost 16 miles. I made this same hike in 2007 and liked it enough to redo it. It was a great day for climbing in the Sierras, and afterward I had a room waiting for me at the Dow Villa in Lone Pine.


P. Fauly said...

right across from the pizza factory!

Kev said...

I know! If only I'd had the energy to walk across the street to eat. It ended up being one of those "more tired than hungry" nights.