Sunday, October 16, 2016

Oct 15: Full Moon Hike with Hiking Club

Our October hike coincided with the full Hunter's Moon, and this month the Honda Hikers joined us for a big group of 28! We climbed Mt Lowe in the foothills above Pasadena just as the weather changed, and we got some great photos.
Moonrise over Mt Baldy
We summitted just as the first clouds rolled in to obscure the city view
The moon's weird illumination  through the clouds
Hiking down. This area burned in 2009, so a lot of dead brush still stands
Spooky. Wish I had tried taking video of this
On the return hike, in the Mueller Tunnel. Way cool...

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Anonymous said...

You are an adorable person. Certain Persons of the Smaller persuasion wish to hike with you.